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April 2023 update

Technical and technological excellence

April saw our first ever National Branch Meeting for our Revival and Revival Blue colleagues altogether. It was wonderful to see staff from the various branches getting to know each other and sharing best practice and knowledge. This month we have also announced the supplier awards for the first quarter of 2023, launched automated excess collection and issued a new case study highlighting the various skills that our Technical, Large and Complex (TLC) team has.

MA Assist Supplier of the Quarter March 2023

For the first time in a long while we have a draw for the MA Assist Supplier Award. Well done to Eden Surveying Services and Home Safe Property Services for winning the award this quarter.

Eden Surveying Services are consistently reliable with very good performance scores. Not only do they do a fantastic job for MA Assist, but they have also been working for Virtus! The performance data shows that they prioritise MA Assist work, creating positive customer outcomes that are noticed by clients. Thank you very much David and the team at Eden.

Home Safe have continued their stellar performance. They are an absolute pleasure to manage because they are quick to take on board any feedback and make improvements where they are needed. Home Safe always go the extra mile and always have the best outcomes for MA Assist with customers at the forefront of their minds. They take great pride in their Service Delivery Performance Indicators and want to perform well, which they definitely are doing. Thanks for your hard work Jack and the team.

There was also a special mention for JD Marshall whose performance has rocketed in recent months. We can see them being the next Supplier of the Quarter if they continue on this path.

Virtus Surveyor of the Quarter March 2023

We have another draw, this time for the Virtus Surveyor Award. Martin McKee and Shaun Millen are both winners of the award this quarter.

Martin McKee is a consistent 5-star surveyor whose willingness to go the extra mile has been noticed by all who deal with him. We have received a lot of positive feedback regarding Martin for his efficiency and positive attitude. Martin has taken on additional work for Virtus and has turned it around in record time. His reports are always thorough and very detailed, which means both clients and customers are well informed on claims he deals with.

Shaun Millen went above and beyond for Virtus and MA Assist early this year by taking on claims well outside his core areas by travelling to service high volume areas. Shaun worked away from home, including over weekends, to accommodate customer requests. All reports were completed to a high standard and customer service focus was apparent as Shaun was dealing with customers who may have been let down by previous suppliers.

Well done Martin and Shaun, keep up the fantastic work!

Revival UK Branch of the Quarter March 2023

The Revival Branch of the Quarter for March 2023 is Revival South West London. Steve and the South West London team consistently score very highly on customer satisfaction with Net Promoter Scores in excess of 95. They remain a 5-star branch, are easy to work with and respond quickly to any requests we may have of them. They’ve received a number of MAD (Making a Difference) announcements over the quarter and have also received positive feedback from adjusters on their claims. Thank you very much to Steve, Harriett, Tom and the team.

Revival Blue Licensee of the Quarter March 2023

Our very first Revival Blue Licensee of the Quarter Award goes to Revival Blue Strathclyde. Well done to Peter and the rest of the team in Strathclyde for picking up our “better way” so quickly and running with it in very challenging times.

Not only have they adapted very well to a new way of working, but they have done this under extreme conditions with an influx of burst pipe claims over Christmas and into February. They have taken on a lot of claims and the service they have provided has not suffered at all. Revival Blue Strathclyde team are a 5-star supplier with a Net Promoter Score of 87.

TREVOR at the Revival Group National Branch Meeting

Our first National Branch Meeting with all of the Revival and Revival Blue branches together took place on 20th and 21st April at Hotel La Tour in Milton Keynes. This was a great opportunity for the branches to hear about our plans for the business, share best practice and generally get to know each other. Our ongoing commitment to investing in all the branches was set out:

TREVOR was the star of the show. We explained the TREVOR journey to our new Revival Blue colleagues and demonstrated the value that TREVOR creates for our clients (through shorter claim durations, lower costs and happier customers) and our branches (by making them more efficient and creating extra capacity).

TREVOR‘s algorithms constantly check moisture readings from site and automatically raise interventions when drying is not happening as it should. This prompts head office staff to investigate the claim and, where necessary, send the relevant branch to site to check the drying regime. We run reports showing the positive impact TREVOR is having by branch, client and postcode, as well as across the whole network. He even calculates how much CO2 he is saving!

If any insurers or loss adjusters would like to know more about TREVOR and how he can save time, money and CO2, please contact Haley Elsden,

Automated excess collection

We are delighted to announce that the roll out of automated excess collection for Revival Blue.

Revival Blue customers now receive a text and/or an email enabling them to quickly and easily pay their excess online with a debit or credit card. Not only does this reduce admininstration for us, but it reduces delays on claims and makes life easier for the customer and our suppliers.

The PCI DSSv3 Compliant software is linked to our claims management system, Pulse, so the claim file is automatically updated and moved onto the next stage once an excess is paid.

We intend to roll this out across the MA Assist network on 2nd May 2023, so our BRN suppliers will no longer need to spend time chasing excesses before starting work. And we will roll it out to Revival later this year.

Managing multiple issues on a complex claim

Our latest case study was published this month showcasing another example of a complex property claim with multiple issues managed by MA Group’s Technical, Large and Complex (TLC) team.

The claim caused by a kerosene leak required multiple suppliers and experts to manage health and safety issues, complex restoration work and stakeholder management.

This is just one example of the increasing number of complex claims that MA Group manages. We believe that no other organisation within our sector has such a strong combination of insurance knowledge, building repair expertise and business management skills as well as a detailed understanding of customer service excellence.

To read the case study please CLICK HERE.

MA Group Charity Golf Day and Dinner

The annual MA Group Charity Golf Day and Dinner will be taking place on 8th June at The Oxfordshire Golf Club.

This is a fabulous day where we raise money for the Oxford Young Adult Clinic. This event raises at least £12,000 every year and makes a real difference to the finances for this wonderful charity that has supported Paul Hayman and his daughter for many years. It also gives us an opportunity to celebrate all the great things our suppliers do for our clients and their customers.

If you would like to join us, for golf and/or dinner, please get in touch with Sally-Ann Johnson.

MA Group MAD Awards

We had two winners of the monthly MAD award in March – Val Batey, MA Group Finance Assistant, and Simon Duplock,  Revival Blue Claims Manager.

Val has done an amazing job chasing NHCC client debt.  She has been tenacious, relentless and incredibly patient chasing NHCC clients for overdue money.  As a result she has halved the overdue debt for NHCC since the end of January, and it is now the lowest it has been for over twelve months.  Val also continues to provide speedy responses to all colleagues needing financial information.

Simon is our first Revival Blue staff member to win a MAD award. He completed some fantastic preparatory work for a Revival Blue client audit and also provided invaluable support in the close out meeting with the auditors.  His input made a real difference and has undoubtedly assisted in a much-improved result and relationship.