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Case studies

Primary Authority advice for property insurance claims

Primary Authority partnership advice on the implications for the insurance industry of the new consumer rights regulations in 2015.

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Perfect Storm

Managing surge events in the property insurance industry needs strong supply chain management and support for supply chains in the good times and the bad.

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Survey the future with Scoper

Final analysis with feedback from Parts 1 and 2, more detail on the Consumer Rights challenges facing the industry and a vision for the future of Surveying and Scopes of Works.

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Scope for improvement

We examine the challenges that the property claim validation scoping and surveying models are creating and where there is scope for improvement in the property claims industry.

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Schedules of Rates – a SoRe point?

The proliferation of Schedules of Rates in the property insurance industry is having a detrimental effect on insurers and their customers.

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