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Great property claims planning and communication

Medical emergency!

In 2021 MA Group received a claim that needed exceptional property claims planning and communication. On 18th February 2021 a doctor’s surgery in Norfolk was hit by a car during a police chase.The impact caused significant damage which would have been a concern in normal times, but as this surgery was also a Covid-19 vaccination centre it was even more important that the claim be dealt with quickly.  So we sent out one of our contractors, J Lovels, the same day to make the property safe.


They attended that afternoon and ensured that the structure was sound and that all loose debris had been swept up and removed both internally and externally. They boarded up the external brickwork and bagged up and removed loose plaster and debris from site.

Quick response

J Lovels’ property claims planning, communication and proactivity were excellent – they updated us the same day, then arranged to meet the facilities manager on site that Saturday morning to inspect the site and prepare the reinstatement scope of works while the surgery was closed. By 22nd February our report and estimate had been submitted to the client.

Three areas were affected as a result of the impact – the front external walls, the main reception and the first floor server room. Knowing that the surgery needed to remain in use throughout this claim J Lovels put in place a temporary hoarding with a lockable door to separate the works area from the rest of the surgery.


There was extensive damage to the brickwork which need to be propped and replaced and the gable had detached from the front elevation. The brickwork had to be rebuilt with helibars to the wall junctions.

A large window had to be removed and refitted. Internally, plasterwork and flooring needed repair and plumbing and electrics had to be replaced and checked for safety. Finally, redecorations were needed.

Great property claims planning

The client approved the works the next day and J Lovels immediately installed acro props and HERAS security fencing to provide peace of mind for the staff members still working in the surgery. They then ran through the rest of the work plan with the facilities manager.

Once the works had been agreed and approved we provided the facilities manager with an unpriced schedule of works and J Lovels informed them of the timetable for the works.

There were a few health and safety issues that had to be navigated for this claim, and J Lovels managed this very well:

Reinstatement works started on 8th March and went smoothly. They were completed ahead of schedule on 22nd March – just one month after the incident occurred.

Exceptional planning, co-ordination and communication by J Lovels and MA Group with the customer and the client ensured that the works were completed ahead of schedule in a safe way.

Exceptional work by everyone

This case study is a perfect example of how MA Group, its contractors and clients work together effectively and can accommodate the individual challenges that property claims often present. No building or customers’ circumstances are ever the same, and being adaptable amd proactive are key to delivering a great property claims service.

In this case the customer was over the moon with how quickly everything was done and how the contractors worked with the surgery staff to ensure the practice was able to remain open during these uncertain times.

The facilities manager scored MA Group and J Lovels 10 out of 10. He said:

Exceptional work from insurers, MA Assist and the builders how everyone has pulled together to make this happen so quickly.”

The facilities manager also said that from start to finish it was a quick and efficent service and it was great that the surgery was able to stay open.

“We were kept informed throughout, it was briliant. Andy on site was very easy to work with as were the guys in the office.”

He also commented that it was nice to see J Lovels use lime mortar in keeping with the original building.