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Supporting a vulnerable customer in difficult times

Vulnerable customer

At MA Group we have systems and training in place to quickly identify vulnerable customers and to ensure that their claims are monitored closely.

We have many years of experience in co-ordinating different parties and managing urgent projects, and this case study is just one example of our integrated approach to dealing with vulnerable customers.

In July 2020 an RSA customer had a fire in her home. There was soot damage throughout the property and MA Group were appointed to reinstate the property.

We were notified by the insurer, RSA, that the client was vulnerable and having to stay in an hotel, so we sent our contractor, BRS Scotland, out to site immediately.

BRS attended site and quickly identified that there may be a challenge with matching items and notified us so that we could find out whether the customer had a matching items policy.

We soon agreed a way forward with the insurer and customer based on the customer making a contribution towards the new kitchen, in line with her policy.

A restoration company cleaned the property in the first week of September, during which time MA Group made sure that all the relevant reinstatement costs had been approved by RSA.

Managing the stress

Being away from home was stressful for the customer and she was concerned about the works being done.

To reassure her we sent RSA‘s customer an unpriced schedule of works so she could understand what works were to be carried out.

We also asked the contractor to prioritise the claim and ensure that they communicated regularly and clearly with the customer.

However, after the works had started RSA informed us that the customer had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

This was obviously devastating news for the customer and her family.  It was clear that we needed to ensure that she got back into her home as soon as possible, and MA GroupBRS and RSA worked together to achieve this.

Works were already underway and proceeding well, but RSA wanted to ensure that their customer had as much time at home as possible in the time she had left.  They offered to pay more to get the work done faster, including waiving the customer’s contribution towards the kitchen.

Fast action

We contacted BRS Scotland immediately and they quickly agreed to make additional teams available to do all they could to get the work finished faster.

They submitted additional costs within the hour which were immediately approved – all on the same day.

Re-arranging works is a major challenge for a busy contractor involving the reorganisation of teams, lots of communication with other customers to explain the situation and rearrange dates, as well as ensuring that materials can be sourced at the right time. Trying to do this during a worldwide pandemic is even harder!

The kitchen company failed to deliver the kitchen on the agreed date (a Saturday), but as BRS had two teams on site for the remainder of the week, they were able to minimise the delay caused by the kitchen supplier.

They were able to get the rest of the claim finished in good time.

Making life a little less hard

As a result of excellent communication between all the parties, the customer’s contents were returned promptly and she was back in her home a week ahead of schedule.

RSA and the customer were incredibly pleased. The claims handler told us:

“She is over the moon with everything. Great work!”

Through good teamwork MA GroupBRS Scotland and RSA managed to make the rest of the customer’s life a little less hard, and we hope we have provided her with some comfort during this incredibly difficult time.

Here at MA Group we have always been committed to supporting vulnerable customers.

Even the fit and healthy can find an insurance claim stressful, especially when there can be so many parties involved.

Our staff are trained to be empathetic and mindful of the stresses and challenges customers face during a property claim. And our suppliers are all experienced at dealing with customers on site in a sympathetic and proactive way.