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February 2023 update

Simply the best

We continue to be really busy with the burst pipe surge. Thank you to all our wonderful Revival branches and Revival Blue licensees for working so hard for so long. Feedback from clients is overwhelmingly positive and so their efforts are not going unnoticed or unappreciated. According to staff at one of our major clients Revival is simply the best restoration business in the UK!

We are delighted with how well our Revival Blue licensees and staff are adapting to the “better way” of doing things and we look forward to awarding the first quarterly awards to Revival Blue licensees for 2023. In the meantime, this month we bring news on the supplier awards for the quarter ended 31st December 2022.

Virtus Surveyor of the Quarter December 2022 – Andy Lake

We are thrilled to announce that the Virtus Surveyor of the Quarter for December 2022 was Andy Lake.

Andy is a steady and reliable surveyor who often goes the extra mile to assist us and takes work outside his usual areas. He provides invaluable support and additional resources to Virtus whenever we need it. Andy’s work is consistently high quality, regardless of the number of claims he deals with for us, and he is well-liked and respected by the Virtus team.

Well done Andy, thank you for being a team player.

On Linked-In, Andy proudly showed off his certificate (above) and had this to say:

“Thank you everyone at Virtus and MA Group Property Claims for this great award. I have been on the Virtus/MA panel pretty much since day 1 of going freelance in surveying and it’s been amazing sharing my journey with them from my being a sole trader to now becoming a ltd company. Especially with Kris Lee who’s always been helpful and knows his stuff. Thanks also to Ben Mawby and Samantha Butler for your help and assistance lately, especially through these recent surge events.”

MA Assist Supplier of the Quarter December 2022 – Home Safe Property Services

The MA Assist Supplier of the Quarter for December 2022 was Home Safe Property Services.

Home Safe has been on our network since May 2022 and has had a positive start working with MA Assist. The team has received several MAD announcements from the MA Assist staff, and to be a 5 star contractor so soon and so consistently early in their time with us is a real credit to Jack and the team.

They receive regular positive feedback from customers and have quickly picked up our way of working. Well done to Home Safe – we are really looking forward to continuing to work with you.

Revival UK Branch of the Quarter December 2022 – Cumbria & North East

Congratulations to Darren Harper and his team in Cumbria for winning Revival Branch of the Quarter December 2022.

The Cumbria and North East branch has the highest joint NPS score of 100 for the quarter with an incredible return rate of 94%. They are also a 5-star franchise.

Q4 2022 saw them complete a high profile, large and complex fire clean job in Coventry, working night shifts for two weeks at a high level in a far-from-ideal environment, all 215 miles from home. All this while Carrol, the office manager, has been off with a broken shoulder.

Darren and the team always go the extra mile and are never afraid of taking on a new challenge. A well-deserved award.

Darren said “Delighted to have won the Revival Branch of the Quarter. I’m so proud of the dedication that the team shows each and every day.”

Kevin Durkan

We are very sad to share that Kevin Durkan, MA Group Chairman from 2013 to 2021, passed away a couple of weeks ago. He had bravely fought a brain tumour for eighteen months but finally passed away peacefully surrounded by his family.

The family have set up a tribute page for those wanting to share their memories or make a donation to Willen Hospice who helped them care for Kevin in his final weeks. If you would like to make a donation or leave your condolences please CLICK HERE.

MA Group would not be the success it is today without Kevin. We will miss him terribly and our thoughts and best wishes are with his family.

MA Group MAD Awards

Tom Brooks, MA Group Account Manager, was our MADdest employee in January 2023.

Tom received fantastic feedback from our largest client on his approach to his work as their Account Manager. In particular, the client was impressed by how Tom excels in taking personal ownership and immersing himself in what he knows to be the right action for the client.  It is evident to the client that Tom has the trust and support of senior skilled resources in MA and this brings to the front Tom’s ability to be confident in his own decision making. Tom is calm under pressure, able to maintain focus and convey his message clearly and succinctly.

Well done Tom, keep up the good work.