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January 2024 update

Business intelligence

Since our last newsletter in November we have seen some pretty wet and windy weather across the UK – from storm Agnes through to Henk we have seen flood and storm damage claims coming in at an incredible rate.

But we are taking it in our stride, thanks to our detailed knowledge of the available capacity across all our networks and our suppliers’ amazingly proactive and flexible approaches to dealing with the work . We report to our clients on the outcomes, capacity, WIP, supplier performances and results in real time, every day, ensuring that they have the confidence in MA Group to deliver for their customers.

This month we bring you details on how we are beating the competition with our data analysis and performance reporting as well as bringing updates on new case studies. We are also looking forward to our annual awards lunch which will be our biggest yet!

Floods and storms

The ABI has issued some useful advice and a guide for homeowners caught up in the floods. It gives homeowners tips on what to do if their home floods and sets out a step-by-step guide on the insurance claims process and what to expect – incredibly useful for homeowners who can become bewildered by the number of people involved in a flood claim!

However this guide also highlights how complicated a property claim can be and how difficult it is for insurers to understand how their supply chains are performing in terms of time, cost and quality. So it is vitally important for suppliers like MA Group to be able to provide the right information in the right format to insurers to help them understand the overall progress of their claims and to help them manage their customer expectations.

Virtus has had a lot of storm claims coming in – claim volumes are running at four times normal levels. Since storm Agnes at the end of September, Virtus has achieved the following astonishing results:

And, more importantly, we can report these results in real time to clients through our Virtus client dashboard (above).

Revival is also very busy with claim volumes running at twice normal levels for a couple of months now, thanks to the widespread flooding.

But we have such a clear picture thanks to our comprehensive data on capacity, lead times and available equipment by branch and postcode, that we can manage the workload very effectively.

TREVOR  helps us maximise throughput – he helps the technicians plan the most effective drying regime and then monitors its performance, making sure that equipment is on site for just as long as it is needed. As TREVOR can accurately predict the dry date we know when the equipment is available for the next claim and we can line up the reinstatement supplier in advance.

This all helps to progress claims as quickly as possible and  Revival is achieviving the following incredible results:

For more information on the data and performance metrics that we can provide please get in touch.

MA Group is the first worldwide Chartered Constrcution Management Consultnacy (CCMC)

We are delighted to announce that MA Group is the first worldwide organisation to go through the Chartered Institute of Building’s (CIOB) new Company Membership regulations to achieve the new designations of Chartered Construction Management Consultancy (CCMC).

We are thrilled to have been awarded this prestigious accolade demonstrating our continued professionalism and integrity within the industry and we are looking forward to receiving the award at our annual awards lunch tomorrow!

TREVOR in action

In December we issued a new case study to demonstrate the value that TREVOR adds to restoration claims.  To discover how we used TREVOR, our digital drying solution, to fast-track the restoration of a four-bedroom home with burst pipes please CLICK HERETREVOR‘s intervention halved the cost of the drying regime and halved the alternative accommodation costs that related to restoration works.

TREVOR uses extensive and consistent Moisture Control (MC) readings to accurately predict a drying regime – so we wasted no time collecting these upon first inspection. MC readings tell us the moisture content of all the materials affected then TREVOR combines these with algorithms and the psychrometry of drying to determine how long it will take to restore the property.

Subsequent readings then help TREVOR determine whether the drying goal is on track for the predicted dry date. This enables us to line up the next suppliers in the claim before a drying certificate is issued – creating even more savings for insurers.

TLC saves alternative accommodation costs

This month we have issued another case study showing how our Technical, Large and Complex (TLC) team make a difference on claims that involve alternative accommodation. Through creative thinking, breaking down silos and helping all parties see the overall picture on a claim, the team make sure that the outcomes for insurers and their customers are the best they can be.

The case study talks about two claims – one where AA was reduced from two weeks to four days thanks to flexibility by the supplier and the customer, and another where the TLC team were able to break down the silo thinking being demonstarted by the insurer and its validation company to reduce the claim duration and AA costs.

Our Technical, Large and Complex (TLC) team works with a dedicated group of claim handlers on claims with AA to:

To read the case study please CLICK HERE.

Annual awards lunch

Our annual awards lunch will be taking place tomorrow! We will be celebrating the incredible work that our suppliers do for MA Group Property Claims and New Homes Customer Care and this year our guest speaker is Gyles Brandreth. 

This year’s shortlist are:

Virtus Surveyor of the Year

Revival Branch of the Year

MA Assist Supplier of the Year

NHCC Supplier of the Year

We will also be awarding the TREVOR Trophy to the Revival branch who performs the best in terms of using TREVOR and the Sepcial Projects Awards. Look out for the final results on Linked-In!

MA Group MAD Awards

Our MAD award winners in November were Darrell Stanley and  Lisa Nelson

Darrell Stanley, Revival senior claims technician, recently reviewed a claim using TREVOR. TREVOR highlighted that the suggested drying times appeared high based on the readings submitted. With support from the techincal team, Darrell raised the issue with the branch and managed to halve the planned drying time and costs on the claim.

Lisa Nelson, Operations Manager, provided cover for Katie Thane whilst she was on leave. The client asked for assistance from Lisa at short notice on two cases that were being reviewed  at a high level. The client described Lisa’s response and help as “amazing”.

We will bring new of the December winners next month.