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June 2021 update

National Insurance Awareness Day

28th June is National Insurance Awareness Day, designed to serve as a reminder to everyone to review their insurance policies and make sure they have the coverage they need. It’s probably not as fun as Hug Your Cat Day on 4th June, Donald Duck Day on 9th June or International Picnic Day on 18th June, but it’s certainly an important message for all of us.

Here at MA Group we come across claims where the policy holder has insufficient coverage for the incident that has occurred, most commonly on commercial claims, and the levels of coverage available for business interruption has been in the headlines throughout the pandemic. So this is an important message for many people. 28th June is also International Body Piercing Day, but we recommend that we all focus on insurance!

This month we bring you more news on the technological developments we have made, our office open day and we profile our Quality, Resolver and Network Support team.

Using technology in restoration

When MA Group acquired Revival in February 2019 it made a commitment to invest hundreds of thousands of pounds into Revival to simplify and modernise the business. MA Group set out a roadmap that covered training, systems and processes, infrastructure and technology and hired the right people to help implement the programme.

Two years later, Revival is fully integrated into MA Group and has made significant progress along its technological roadmap. Revival now uses MA Group’s core claims management platform, Pulse, which is used by all of the business units in the group, and is making full use of our Scoper mobile technology.


Scoper is used in the field by Revival technicians to create initial reports and estimates, risk assessments and customer satisfaction questionnaires – all of which are transmitted back to Pulse from site and automatically loaded onto the relevant claim file. And this month we have launched a new technological development that enables the technicians to collect moisture readings on site through Scoper, transmitting them back to the office immediately. This allows office staff to quickly view and check the readings, validate whether the appropriate measurements are being taken and whether a drying regime is even needed.

To find out more about how technology is simplifying and modernising our approcah to disaster restoration please read the full article on our website, or read the article that is featured in this month’s edition of the BDMA magazine, The Standard.

Office open day

On 15th July we are hosting an office open day in Aylesbury where clients are invited to come and meet the staff and suppliers that manage claims on their behalf.

Our new senior managers and the exec team will be on hand to talk about MA Group Property Claims and how we deliver for your customers. Some of our suppliers will have display stands in our board room and will be available to talk about their businesses and experience. You can also find out about our digital journey and the projects we have completed and are working on for 2021. We will do tours of our new offices so you can meet the claims staff who manage your claims.

If you would like to attend please get in touch with Sally-Ann Johnson.

Meet our Quality, Reolver and Network Support team

This month we are profiling our Quality and Network Support Team.  Managed by Tony Derbyshire and Poppy Wakefield, they are responsible for supporting the MA Group networks day to day and the RESOLVER complaints process.


Aaron Baker   Matthew Weir   Hannah Moscrop   Sheldon Bacon   Josh Edworthy   James Tickner

Aaron Baker is the Senior in this team and has been with MA Group for almost seven years. He achieved his CII Certificate and has worked his way up from Claims Technician. He has three youngs boys who keep him busy outside of work and he is an Arsenal supporter.

Matthew Weir has been with MA Group for almost ten years, mainly in customer experience and complaints handling. He has a BA Hons degree in Media and Communication from Leeds University and has achieved his CII Certificate. He loves a nice walk in the country, visiting castles, stately homes – anywhere with a bit of history. He also enjoys a good horror novel and sci-fi movies.

Hannah Moscrop has worked in construction customer care for several years having previously worked in social housing, organising and co-ordinating repair teams. She has been with us for a year and is a proud mum of two children.

Sheldon Bacon joined MA Group in February 2012. He has had many roles within the group before joining the Network Support and Quality Team in 2021. He achieved MA Dry accreditation in 2016. He is a huge Manchester United fan and enjoys cooking and playing pool down the local pub.

Josh Edworthy is the youngest in the team and has been with MA Group for almost five years. He has held various roles in the control centre before moving to the Network Support and Quality Team team and is studying for his CII Certificate. Another football fan, Josh has a season ticket for Chrystal Palace and plays football for a local team that has just won the top division in Aylesbury.

James Tickner has worked in customer service since he was 18. He lived in Washington DC for three years where he studied for his GED before returning to the UK. He is studing for his CII accreditation whilst navigating the joys of recently becoming a father. In his spare time he is a big rugby fan and enjoys gaming.

MA Group MAD Awards

Well done to Ryan Stevens, our MADdest member of staff in May:

Ryan has been doing a fantastic job in building up relationships with suppliers and RSA’s PMAs. For a recent tricky claim he worked hard to help the supplier, BRS, do the right thing for the customer in finishing off works as quickly as possible, even though not all approvals were in place yet. He took control of the claim and managed to get the clients’ PMA to approve the outstanding balance of around £10K so we could get it closed. This was a complicated and involved process and Ryan handled it weill.

BRS asked us to give Ryan a shout out for everything he’s done on this claim to get it over the line for them. They couldn’t speak highly enough of him and the way he went about dealing with it.

Well done Ryan.