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June 2022 update

The digital journey continues

This month we have finalised and rolled out a couple of IT projects as we continue on our digital journey. We have made enhancements to our mobile app, Scoper, so that our building contractors can create Risk Assessments, Completed Works Reports and get customer feedback quickly and efficiently from site. Also, we have invested in new contents management software for Revival. Finally, we have been analysing our data again, this time for an analysis of the storm claims performance of the industry by looking at the recent named storms in the UK, from Arwen to Eunice,

Scoper roll out

This month we have rolled out more IT developments, this time for our builder repair network. We have developed our mobile surveying and scoping app, Scoper, to make life easier for our building contractors –  our surveyors and Revival branches have enjoyed the benefits of Scoper for a while now, so it’s great to be able to extend this innovative IT to the builders as well.

Our building contractors can now prepare the following reports on site and transmit them back to Pulse without any manual rekeying, uploading or other administration:

Risk Assessments

Our building contractors can now complete comprehensive risk assessments on site using the Scoper app by answering a series of questions that guide them through the risk assessment process.

Once they have completed the questions, they simply press submit and the information is transmitted back to our claims management system, Pulse, where a Risk Assessment report can be generated and sent off to whoever needs it.

Not only does this IT development ensure that the risk assessment process is comprehensive and auditable, it also reduces administration for the network and saves them time.

Completed Works Report

At the end of each reinstatement job our building contractors now use Scoper to document and validate the completed works. Scoper allows the building contractors to capture video and photographs on site, with supporting commentary, to provide evidence that the works were carried out as scoped and evidence on the quality of workmanship. The information is transmitted from site back to Pulse where the Completed Works Report can be generated at the push of a button.

This should reduce the number of disputes around completion of scopes and quality of workmanship, provide confidence for our clients and help us validate final invoices.

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires (CSQs)

We have also automated the capture of customer satisfaction information. Our building contractors can now ask customers on site to complete the CSQ on an Ipad. The results are transmitted back from site reducing the need for paper forms and chasing of feedback.The CSQ includes an option for customers to provide comments and feedback that we use to continually improve our service and to reward those that perform well.

The CSQ results are used to calculate our monthly Net Promoter Scores (NPS), which are now automated through this integration between Scoper and Pulse – creating more efficiencies for us and our networks.

MA Group has been on a digital journey for some time now, and we are delighted with the progress we have made. We will be announcing more ground-breaking and disruptive digital developments soon!

New opinion piece

This month we published a new opinion piece about the recent storms we all endured from November 2021 to February 2022. You can read the full opinion piece on our website by CLICKING HERE.

It is an analysis of the storm claims performance of the industry by looking at the recent named storms in the UK, from Arwen to Eunice – now we are in the calm after the storms, we thought it would be useful to look at our data to see what the industry can learn in preparation for future storms.

Our data provides some fascinating suggestions for best practice during surge and how to manage customer expectations. It looks at how client behaviours, as well as supply chain behaviours, influence the effectiveness of a surge plan and customer satisfaction.

Improved Revival contents restoration service

We have recently finished a project to find suitable software to help our Revival branches manage contents restoration and storage effectively. So we are delighted to announce that all of our branches now have access to a fantastic piece of software that makes the recording, tracking and storage of contents much simpler and efficient.

The software includes a mobile app that lists and tracks contents by recording their details and automatically organising them into a comprehensive catalogue. It also enables staff to locate items in storage and return them quickly and easily.

The software has the following benefits for Revival and our clients:

This software will reduce administration for Revival and reduce errors. For clients there will be a standardised process that provides comprehensive information and reports and which will reduce the number of disputes about whether items were collected, lost or broken.

If you would like to know more about it please contact Revival Divisional Director, David Shimwell

MA Group Charity Golf Day and Dinner

The MA Group Charity Golf Day and Dinner will be held on 8th September this year. This is a great networking opportunity for our suppliers, staff and clients and is very popular. Over the years we have raised almost £50,000 for the Oxford Young Adult Clinic through this fun event and we will be raising more money this year.

If any clients or suppliers would like to attend please email Sally-Ann Johnson who is doing her usual marvellous job organising the event. If you aren’t a golfer you are more than welcome to join us for the drinks and dinner in the evening.

MA Group MAD Awards

We have two worthy winners of the MAD awards for May – Ahmed Hussain and Kris Lee, both claims technicians.

For Ahmed we received the following feedback from a client on behalf of a policy holder:

“Mrs X would like me to thank you on her behalf for the help she has received from yourself. She says the customer care relationship she received from you was excellent, she thinks you are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. ….She also jokingly mentioned she wants to adopt you. This was so lovely to be a part of!”

Kris had two nominations during May:

He assisted on a high level complaint and turned around what could easily have escalated further into a same day resolution. The client was quick to thank us for the speed in which it was resolved despite it being raised post 4pm.

He also received the following email from a customer:

“…you seem to have sorted out in a short phone call what others have taken 6 months over so it is much appreciated. In fact Virtus is the only company who have provided an efficient and professional service in this affair and not used Covid as an excuse to delay answering phone calls and e-mails.”

Well done to both of you.