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June 2024 update

Summer networking

The summer weather seems to have finally arrived, at long last, but it didn’t arrive in time for our annual charity golf day – the golfers got a little wet and cold at one point, but everyone seemed to have a great time. More details on the golf day and our fund-raising are below.

Our networking continues this month at industry conferences and events. As this newsletter goes out we are attending the BDMA Conference and earlier this month Revival were at the Crawford Supplier Day in Glasgow. And we are really excited to be going live with the final update of Scoper.

Due to staff holidays there will be no newsletter in July, but it will be back in August.

MA Group Charity Golf Day and Dinner 2024

On 6th June we hosted another successful golf day and dinner at the Oxfordshire Golf Course. We are delighted to announce that we raised £11,000 for the Oxford Young Adult Clinic thanks to the incredible generosity of our suppliers, clients, staff and friends. Thank you to everyone who supported us in raising funds for this incredible charity.

A special thank you goes to our sponsors on the day – the “Halfway house” sponsored by Phoenix Property Maintenance and the “Nearest to the pin” and “Longest drive” were sponsored by SOS Leak Detection.


As always there were prizes given out at the evening dinner. This year the winners were:

First place in the overall team prize went to Phoenix Property Maintenance, well done to them. The Nationserv team came second and a “barbarians” team comprising Paul and Charlie Lyndon-Hogg from Property Services SDS, Brad Wilby from SOS Leak Detection and Jason Spain from Spain Builders.

Other winners were:

A video of the whole day can be watched on our Linked-In page.

Save the date for 2025 – next year’s MA Group Charity Golf Day and Dinner will be held on 12th June at The Oxfordshire.

Scoper update and TREVOR

We are thrilled and excited to be launching our next version of Scoper to all our Virtus surveyors and Revival licensees. It goes live on 8th July and training is well under way with staff and the networks.

Scoper is our bespoke mobile surveying and validation app at the heart of everything we do in the field, supporting field technicians and surveyors to capture data digitally in real-time.

We understand how important efficiency and effectiveness is for our networks to provide a world class service to our customers. So we have invested thousands of pounds enhancing the Scoper application to simplify it for users and to further improve the quality and quantity of data captured so decisions can be made using reliable and timely information.

The latest key enhancements include:


We first developed and introduced Scoper in 2017 and have integrated it into our wider IT platforms and embedded it into our processes. Scoper is fully configurable by MA Group and has a wide range of functionality for remote data capture including pre-loaded surveys, scoping and pricing schedules, video, photograph, voice, risk assessments, NPS capture, customer signature and much more.

The richness and granularity of our captured data allows us to understand the facts and trends at a macro and micro level, helping us to develop our propositions for today and the future. Scoper is just one of the many reasons we are industry experts when it comes to data analysis and customer satisfaction.

The launch of the latest version of Scoper is making TREVOR, our digital solution to drying, even more powerful and effective as more and more accurate data is fed from Scoper to TREVOR.

TREVOR was launched in 2022 as part of MA Group’s commitment to digital solutions and nationwide consistency in managing and monitoring drying jobs. TREVOR is fully embedded into our restoration business, Revival, and performs a key role in our quality management system, operational procedures and compliance measures.  By constantly monitoring and measuring progress of our drying regimes TREVOR supports technicians in delivering an efficient, cost-effective service. It provides transparent information that helps us set and maintain standards across our UK-wide network. It predicts when areas and claims will be dry, highlights areas of concern so interventions can take place and constantly provides proactive monitoring across all live drying jobs.

TREVOR captures and monitors every moisture reading taken in the customer premises and assesses progress against the material specific drying (psychometry) curves, confirming if the drying regime is progressing as expected and predicting when the areas will be dry. The science of drying is complicated and requires an average of 36 moisture readings per job and some complicated maths. Whilst our Revival technicians are trained to industry standards, they are human beings and cannot match the speed and accuracy of TREVOR.

TREVOR’s predicted dry dates reduce hand-offs and friction because re-instatement and follow-on works can be planned around the predicted dry dates without waiting for the drying certificate to arrive, minimising delays and reducing disruption for customers.

TREVOR also highlights when areas are dry, avoiding unnecessary indemnity costs and claim delays – this is particularly important at the first visit because 11% of locations are already dry on the first visit. Not only does this save clients’ money on drying equipment hire and labour costs but it also reduces electricity consumption and the industry’s carbon footprint. As it enables efficient use of equipment TREVOR also increases Revival‘s capacity, especially important during surge.

TREVOR is continuously learning as more and more data is fed through it. It is supporting technicians, bringing the science back to restoration and helping us make our proposition more compelling.

TREVOR and Scoper are a powerful and insightful digital combination of transparent data capture, predictive algorithms and efficient processing. By embracing the latest technologies, we are enhancing the service for our clients and their customers, and our digital journey will continue. To ensure we are maximising the benefits for all parties, MA Group has integrated a nationwide training programme into its Know Your Skills training and professional development programme. This will ensure all users, managers and leaders embrace the technological advances, raise the industry standards for drying and lead the sector in efficiency, lead-times, and carbon reduction.

Supplier Conferences

Crawford Supplier Day
On the 4th June Katie Thane and Kay Snuggs represented Revival at the Crawford Supplier Day in Glasgow. We were the only restoration company invited and feedback from all the handlers we spoke to was very positive. Revival have worked with Crawford & Company for many years, both directly and as a nominated supplier for key clients, and we look forward to continuing to do so.


BDMA conference
As this newsletter goes out the BDMA conference is in full swing. Melissa Bridges, David Shimwell and Steve Evans are there, so please say hello to them if you are attending the conference which runs today and tomorrow (26th and 27th June).

We are delighted that our CEO, Paul Hayman, has been invited to take part in the panel discussion, sharing his insights on capacity, correct tariff application and BAU versus surge situation workflows. If you fancy doing some homework in davance please read our opinion piece on Managing Supply Chain Capacity.

World Environment Day

5th June was World Environment Day, the official United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our planet. Minimising our industry’s impact on the environment is becoming a big priority for all insurers and we are investing in all sorts of initiatives – from internal staff initiatives to external supply chain management, we’re taking various steps to reduce carbon emissions, as well as harnessing tech to make a difference:

TREVOR – our AI-driven drying technology reduces carbon emissions by optimising drying regimes to reduce electricity consumption.

Scoper – our mobile scoping and validation app significantly reduces the use of paper and travel between site and office by our supply chains.

ISO14001 – we’re accredited by the internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems.

We’re currently in the process of measuring our Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions in line with the UK Government’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting and have established a 3-step process for publishing plans on reducing these.

We recognise our organisation’s responsibility to operate sustainably. We are going above and beyond to reduce our impact on the environment and we will have some big announcements over the coming weeks and months about new ventures and initiatives that we are undertaking to continue our green journey.

MA Group MAD Awards

Our monthly MAD award winner in April was MAtthew Vaughan-Roberts, Senior Claims Technician at MA Assist.

Matt has been delivering ad-hoc training and support calls for MA Assist suppliers, supporting specific jobs to get the scope ready for completion and working on a number of recovery cases and complex claims. All the while, he has been doing a great job supporting our validations service, Virtus – completing a huge number of desktop validations, and expertly juggling previous and future client audits.

This is all on top of his day-to-day responsibilities, where he continuously demonstrates flexibility, excellent communication and a determined attitude to supporting his colleagues.

Well earned, Matt.

For May we had two MAD award winners.Congratulations to Elle Murphy, Claims Technician at MA Assist, and Kay Snuggs, Technical Performance Manager at Revival. 

Elle won her award after hearing from a concerned customer who was worried that scheduled work would clash with their upcoming surgery. The claim started in November 2023 but we weren’t appointed until 2nd April 2024, so the customer was already stressed. Elle worked tirelessly with our contractors to secure a suitable start date so that the works could be completed before the customer’s surgery, and received some excellent feedback in the process.

Kay recently joined the supply chain team at Revival. Although she had a significant Revival knowledge she had a steep learning curve around capacity and performance management. Despite this she has demonstrated a consistent adaptability within the new role, with licensees already noting her positive impact.

Well earned, Elle and Kay – you’re truly Making A Difference.