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March 2022 update

Caring and sharing

This month there has been a lot of focus on making life better for people – there are imminent changes to regulations to reduce carbon emissions and to deal with shoddy workmanship by builders, we have published our new sustainability policy, the new Flood Reinsurance (Amendment) Regulations come into force next month and we have had Employee Appreciation Day!

We bring you news on all of this as well as our usual monthly MAD announcement.

Changes to Building Regulations and Legislation 2022

This month we issued a technical briefing about the new Building Safety Bill and new Building Regulations.

The UK Government is introducing new building regulations and legislation to reduce carbon emissions from the UK’s housing stock and to address shoddy workmanship and the cladding scandal:

The briefing summarises the changes and how they will impact the property insurance claims industry.

To find out more and to read the briefing please CLICK HERE

Care and appreciation

Employee Appreciation

No business is any good without great staff, and here at MA Group we know how important it is to show that we appreciate the efforts our staff make – especially through the last four months of storm surges!

We give out MAD awards every month for the member of staff who has Made A Difference during the month, and we also do an annual MAD award for the MADdest employee of the year.

We are looking forward to getting back to the social events we haven’t been able to do for the last two years of pandemic – such as horse racing at Windsor in the summer, Christmas parties etc. So on 4th March, on Employee Appreciation Day, we switched the phones off at 5pm and got the staff together for a few well earned beers.

Thank you to all our wonderful staff who have worked so hard since November, managing record claim numbers and still keeping customers happy. Our NPS is still WORLD CLASS and our complaint ratios are still incredibly low

European Transplant & Dialysis Games

MA Group Property Claims are proud sponsors of the European Transplant & Dialysis Games which are being held in Oxford 21st – 28th August 2022 (we are also involved in planning and organising them).

The European Games are coming to the UK for the first time in 2022 and we are delighted to be supporting these Games, helping transplant recipients and dialysis patients re-engage socially and provide an invaluable goal for 2022.

We are supporting a comedy fund-raising event on 7th April at the Radley Theatre, Oxford, where comedians Jo Brand and Alan Davies will be providing the laughs and Adam Isaac from The Voice will be providing the music.

If you would like to find out more about the Games please get in touch.

Sustainability policy

Environmental issues are becoming more and more important for all industries and the insurance industry is no different. With the new rules expected to come into force in 2022, which will make Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting compulsory for big companies, insurers are working out how to account not just for their own emissions but those of their suppliers.

So we have issued a new sustainability policy which is available to read on our website at The policy sets out a time frame for us to measure and, over time, reduce our Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions in line with the UK Government’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting. It also provides details of the main environmental improvements and projects we have initiated and completed already.

Environmentally sensitive property insurance reinstatements need to look beyond reducing carbon emissions during the repair project itself (e.g. repair rather than replace, environmentally sensitive sourcing of building materials) and also look to the future – if we can reduce the likelihood of a claim being made we will also reduce the carbon emissions of the future.

So we are pleased that measures to facilitate more resilient repairs are due to come into force on 1st April 2022 in the form of the Flood Reinsurance (Amendment) Regulations 2022. The scheme allows Flood Re to pay claims up to £10,000 for resilient repairs, over and above the cost of like-for-like reinstatement of flood damage. This should enable homeowners to return more quickly following a flood and reduce insurers’ claims costs, now and in the future.

MA Group Charity Golf Day and Dinner

The MA Group Charity Golf Day and Dinner will be held on 8th September this year. This is a great networking opportunity for our suppliers, staff and clients and is very popular. Over the years we have raised almost £50,000 for the Oxford Young Adult Clinic through this fun event and we will be raising more money this year.

If any clients or suppliers would like to attend please email Sally-Ann Johnson who is doing her usual marvellous job organising the event. If you aren’t a golfer you are more than welcome to join us for the drinks and dinner in the evening.

MA Group MAD Awards

We had two winners of the MAD awards for February, both of them making a difference during the storms surge.

Ben Mawby, one of our Team Leaders in Aylesbury, was praised by one of our clients for his prioritisation and communication on escalations and his willingness to act quickly to avoid complaints.

Amy Carr, a relatively new Network Support Officer, has been fantastic at pushing along storm claims, chasing surveyors and generally making a positive impact on the WIP.

Well done Ben and Amy, great work!