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March 2023 update

Performing under pressure

This month we introduce the newest member of our senior management team, Andy Nolan, and provide an update on the excellent progress we are making integrating Revival Blue into  MA Group‘s “better way” of working. We are already seeing positive results as the Revival Blue licensees and staff have fully embraced the changes and risen to the challenges.

Shortly after acquiring Revival Blue late last year, we went into a burst pipe surge and then two new escape of water pilots for clients. The directors of MA Group have been thrilled and delighted to see how well our staff and networks (new and old!) have coped with the increased demand. Feedback from clients and customers has been exceptional and we bring you some of the feedback in this newsletter.

MA Group Charity Golf Day and Dinner

The annual MA Group Charity Golf Day and Dinner will be taking place on 8th June at The Oxfordshire Golf Club.

This is a fabulous day where we raise money for the Oxford Young Adult Clinic. This event raises at least £12,000 every year and makes a real difference to the finances for this wonderful charity that has supported Paul Hayman and his daughter for many years. It also gives us an opportunity to celebrate all the great things our suppliers do for our clients and their customers.


If you would like to join us, for golf and/or dinner, please get in touch with Sally-Ann Johnson.

Andy Nolan

We are delighted that Andrew Nolan has joined our senior management as Chief Information Officer. He will be using his 35+ years of IT experience in transforming businesses, improving efficiency and compliance to manage our innovation and RESOLVER teams.

He is PRINCE2 qualified and, over the last 15 years, has led digital transformation programmes in the housing repair and insurance claims industries. He will be leading the digital transformation across MA Group.

Welcome aboard Andy.

Climate change increasing flood damage

The BBC recently reported on research into the impact of climate change on flooding carried out by Fathom and the University of Bristol.

Researchers have produced a detailed “future flood map” of Britain simulating the impact of flooding as climate change takes its toll. The annual cost of flood damage across the UK currently, according to the Association of British Insurers, is £700m and the research has revealed that annual damage caused by flooding could increase by more than a fifth in today’s terms over the next century.

Even if climate change pledges are met (keeping temperature increase to around 1.8C) places including south-east England, north-west England and south Wales are set to experience significantly increased flooding.

But flooding isn’t the only disaster management issue insurers are dealing with. The increasing number and severity of escape of water claims continues to challenge the industry. The most recent burst pipe surge, caused by the extremely cold weather at the start of this year, is one of those intense events that the industry struggles to manage and that attract a lot of attention.

But every week MA Group deals with water damage events in homes that are increasing in number and severity  because there is so much water running through peoples’ homes. The increasing number of appliances in homes, such as dishwashers and washing machines, coupled with a trend towards multiple bathrooms, ensuites and underfloor heating means that disaster management companies will always be busy.

So it is incredibly important that the disaster restoration industry is well run and understood as insurers will be spending more and more on drying our properties. Luckily for us Revival and Revival Blue are leading the way!

Revival Blue – a better way

Since we acquired Revival Blue on 31st October 2022, we have worked hard to integrate the business into the rest of MA Group and to embed the discipline and operational excellence that is already evident in Revival and the rest of the group.

In just five months we have:

We are busy organising our first National Branch Meeting which will bring together all of the Revival and Revival Blue branches together for the first time. This is taking place on 20th and 21st April at Hotel La Tour in Milton Keynes. This is a great opportunity for the branches to hear about our plans for the business, share best practice and generally get to know each other. If any branches have not signed up for this meeting, please get in touch with Sally-Ann Johnson to book a place.

Burst pipe surge feedback

We have been delighted with the performance of our Revival and Revival Blue networks during the burst pipe surge. The positive feedback and WORLD CLASS NPS results continue to flow in. So we thought we would share just a few of the excellent compliments we have received for our disaster management network:

Our disaster management NPS results so far this year have consistently exceeded 80, an incredible result for such a busy time. Well done to everyone.

MA Group MAD Awards

Lisa Nelson, one of our Operations Managers in Aylesbury, was our MADdest employee in February 2023.

She received two MAD announcements:

Well done Lisa, great work.