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March 2024 update

Happy Easter

This Easter we have partnered with The Adecco Group to send a selection of Easter eggs to children and elderly patients in our local hospital, Stoke Mandeville Hospital.  We hope this will bring a little bit of Easter fun to people too unwell to go home for Easter.

We will be closed over the long weekend but open as normal from Tuesday. We wish all our clients, suppliers and staff a Happy Easter and our fingers are crossed for some dry weather.

We are looking forward to some fabulous events this spring/summer. So this month we bring news on the next Revival National Branch Meeting and the MA Group Annual Golf Day and Dinner at The Oxfordshire Golf Club. We also talk about our new opinion piece that looks at the challenges our industry has with supply chain capacity and we have an update on our ongoing tech investment in Scoper.

Revival National Branch Meeting

We are looking forward to our next Revival National Branch Meeting. Taking place on 18th and 19th April at Hotel La Tour in Milton Keynes, this event brings our UK-wide branches together to share knowledge, best practices, and ideas. It also provides an opportunity to get up to speed on strategy and business development opportunities.

This time we are doing something a little different – we will be holding a small exhibition at the hotel. MA Group suppliers from across the spectrum will be showing off what they can do for the Revival branches and will be networking and getting feedback from them too.

And we will be hosting a gala dinner on Thursday evening to recognise the marvellous work the branches all do. The dinner will be attended by some of our incredibly supportive clients and we will be giving out awards to the best performers from the Revival network.

The awards will include:

For more information about the branch meeting please contact Sally-Ann Johnson or Melissa Bridges.

Managing declining supply chain capacity

Construction firms accounted for 18.2% of all insolvencies in England and Wales in 2023 but represent only 13.8% of all registered UK businesses. This is just one of the hair-raising statistics recently released by the Insolvency Service. Our industry is disproportionately affected by insolvency.

As older people leave the repairs and restoration industries we aren’t seeing many new businesses being set up by younger people. The construction industry has failed to invest in training and apprenticeships for many years, it was ill-prepared for the impact that Brexit had on the available workforce and the long-term effects of Covid-19 are still being felt. Then there are also the very large construction projects such as HS2 that are sucking resources out of the industry by offering lucrative, long-term work. It will take many years for the labour force to increase to the levels required. This reduction in capacity isn’t just affecting insurers, it is affecting everyone. So what are insurers doing about it?

We tackle this issue head on in our new opinion piece “Managing declining supply chain capacity“. We critique the current actions that insurers are taking and offer suggestions on what they should be doing. We also explain how MA Group is tackling the capacity challenges through its industry-leading capacity and supply chain management systems. This is a must read for anyone in the property claims industry.

Scoper enhancements

Our continuous investment in technology continues. We are always looking for ways to make the customer experience positive and to improve efficiencies for our suppliers, so we are investing more money and resources into Scoper.

Scoper is our bespoke mobile scoping and validation app used by all our networks. Based on feedback from our Revival branches, through the working group we set up last year, we are enhancing the software to further improve the customer journey and reduce claim durations.

Our main Scoper enhancements that will help all users include:

And for our Revival branches:

This phase of additional investment into Scoper will be completed in April 2024, driving our on-site efficiency, increasing our capacity, and further reducing claim durations.

Learn more about how our integrated systems deliver high levels of customer satisfaction on our website.

2024 Charity Golf Day and Dinner

Our next annual MA Group Charity Golf Day and Dinner will take place  on 6th June at The Oxfordshire Golf Club. We are looking forward to another marvellous day and evening with our clients, suppliers and staff.

Year in, year out, this fabulous day never disappoints as our suppliers and clients come together to raise money for the Oxford Young Adult Clinic. Last year’s event raised £15,000 for the wonderful charity that has supported our CEO, Paul Hayman, and his daughter Laura, to whom Paul donated his kidney in 2017.

It also gives us an opportunity to celebrate all the great things our suppliers do for our clients and their customers. If you would like to join us, for golf and/or dinner, please get in touch with Sally-Ann Johnson.

MA Group MAD awards

Our monthly MAD award winners in January were  Sienna Nelson and Gemma Birchall , both Claims Technicians and Justin Scargill, Supplier Performance Manager.

Sienna helped her manager and the RESOLVER team on a claim in order to resolve a complaint. Sienna never complains when urgent tasks are sent her way and will always put time aside to help others even if this means putting extra pressure on herself to get her own work allocation completed.

Gemma received great feedback from a recent supplier review, where she was described as “phenomenal”, and that she is proactive and great at communicating.

Justin ensured one of our good suppliers stayed on the network.  The supplier in question was rationalising the number of networks they were on and considered terminating their agreement with MA Group.  This would have left a “geographic hot spot” in the north west so Justin stepped in, met with the directors and, through his pragmatic and sensible approach, kept them on the network, thereby retaining capacity.

These colleagues have demonstrated our core values and ensured good outcomes for the business. Well done all of you.