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May 2023 update

TREVOR is REVving up

This month has seen the implementation of TREVOR into Revival Blue. Our Revival colleagues have been using it for a while, so it’s really exciting to see TREVOR doing his thing in 34 branches across the UK. The quality of the data is improving every week and we are looking forward to sharing our findings in the near future.

We are all looking forward to the annual MA Group Charity Golf Day and Dinner in a couple of weeks, and look forward to seeing many of you there.

Industry news

According to the ABI the average price of combined home buildings and contents insurance rose by 6% over the last year, less than the rate of inflation. This seems remarkable when you consider the challenges the industry faced in 2022:

Their reluctance (or inability?) to pass on all of these increased costs to customers during these challenging times has put property insurers under pressure. We are seeing a renewed focus on value for money and more vigorous auditing by our clients, but many insurers are failing to see how their schedules of rates and claims processes are costing them money unnecessarily.

Here at MA Group we have challenged the industry to change for many years. Some of our clients have taken our advice on board and are benefitting from:

If any insurers (and current clients) would ike to understand more about how we can streamline the claims process and deliver value for money, from validations through to restoration and reinstatement, then please contact James Bush or Haley Elsden and TREVOR.

TREVOR update

Following the successful National Branch Meeting in April (the first with our Revival Blue branches) TREVOR has now been introduced into our relatively new Revival Blue network.

We are running interventions across the whole restoration network whenever the drying performance of a claim is not as predicted by our algorithms.


Our live intervention report (left) directs our claims handlers to claims that need investigation so they can alert the branches when there seems to be an issue. The branch then visits site and checks the drying regime, making any adjustments that may be needed. The process also picks up claims where drying isn’t needed or drying has completed so equipment needs removal. The interventions report (right) summarises the number of interventions and their reasons by client, branch and cause so we can assess the overall impact of our interventions.

This proactive intervention process means that claim durations and costs are reduced and customers’ inconvenience is minimised.

We now produce league tables showing how branches in both networks of Revival and Revival Blue are performing with TREVORWe can provide huge amounts of data to branches and clients on the overall performance of our drying regimes by branch, client and postcode so we can demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of our drying processes:


We can look at average drying and mitigation times, interventions and Net Promoter Scores by branch, client, postcode etc, enabling us to provide feedback to the branches on their performance. For our clients, the detail that we can provide on our performance is invaluable, including information on the tonnes of CO2 TREVOR has saved, the geographical locations of the drying claims.

Equipment management

The effectiveness of TREVOR is closely linked to the management of drying equipment by our branches. It is imperative that our branches log the location of their equipment so we can monitor its effectiveness and have a clear picture of the capacity available across the network by post code.

We can now measure and report on equipment capacity, showing the equipment utilisation of both Revival and Revival Blue networks and the equipment they have available to use.

The combination of TREVOR‘s algorithms and the tracking of equipment is essential when it comes to surge – to have a clear view of available capacity and the confidence that drying is being managed in the most efficient and effective way means that our performance in surge is as good as it can get.

Rising star

Congratulations to our Supply Chain Director, Melissa Bridges, who has been announced as a finalist in the Rising Star category of the British Claims Awards 2023. We have always known she’s a star so it’s marvellous that she is getting the recognition she deserves.

The awards take  on 8th June, so fingers crossed for Melissa!



Automated excess collection

We are delighted to announce that we have rolled out automated excess collection to the MA Assist network.MA Assist and Revival Blue customers now receive a text and/or an email enabling them to quickly and easily pay their excess online with a debit or credit card. Not only does this reduce admininstration for us, but it reduces delays on claims and makes life easier for customers and our suppliers.

The PCI DSSv3 Compliant software is linked to our claims management system, Pulse, so the claim file is automatically updated and moved onto the next stage once an excess is paid.

MA Group Charity Golf Day and Dinner

We are making the final preparations for our annual MA Group Charity Golf Day and Dinner which is taking place on 8th June at The Oxfordshire Golf Club.

This is a fabulous day where we raise money for the Oxford Young Adult Clinic. This event raises at least £12,000 every year and makes a real difference to the finances for this wonderful charity that has supported Paul Hayman and his daughter for many years. It also gives us an opportunity to celebrate all the great things our suppliers do for our clients and their customers.

Sally-Ann Johnson will be in touch with all the participants very soon with details of the schedule for the day. In the meantime if you have any questions please get in touch with her directly.

MA Group MAD Awards

There are three worthy winners of April’s MAD awards – Peggy Havor, Ali Langdale and Katie Thane – as they all received compliments from our biggest client.

Peggy, a claims technician in Aylesbury, received the following feedback:

‘I just want to email on behalf of advisor, Peggy, who has done brilliantly in dealing with a claim on our side that has been going on for two years and wanted to give this feedback on how excellent she has been moving forward and helping with the claim.’

Ali, who works in our Quality and Resolver team, received some great comments from our client on how helpful she is and what a great job she is doing.

Katie, Client Account Manager, has been thanked by our client for all the help she provides and the positive impact she makes to their account.

Well done all three of you, enjoy spending your vouchers.