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November 2021 update

Awards launch success

November saw the successful launch of our Annual Awards lunch in London and some new case studies based on the two highest scoring entries for our Special Projects Award. The latest construction figures for September 2021 were issued by the Office for National Statistics this month and, while it is disheartening to read how challenging things are for the construction industry, it is incredibly positive to see how well our suppliers are performing with consistently high customer satisfaction scores. We also bring news of a successful onboarding of a new client as well as the usual monthly MAD awards.

As usual there won’t be a December newsletter, but it will be back in January 2022.

Awards lunch 2022

Thank you to everyone who attended our inaugural awards lunch on 11th November. We are delighted with the way it went and we really appreciate all the positive feedback and thanks we have received from clients, suppliers and staff. And a big thank you to Kevin Keegan who was an amazing guest and speaker – he had some wonderful stories about his amazing career and was kind enough to hang around at the end so everyone could get photos and authographs.


To see the award categories, the winners and the finalists with some photos of the winners accepting their awards, please CLICK HERE


And a special mention goes to Steve Wall from KNK Building Services who is retiring later this year. We presented him with a special award for his many decades of service to the property insurance industry and MA Group. We wish him all the best for his well-earned retirement.

Case studies

Our Special Projects Award has given us a chance to showcase some of the fantastic work that our suppliers do. We have prepared case studies for the two best entries that we received and they are available to read on our website:

It never rains but it pours
This case study is about the technical, large and complex project managed by MA Group and BRS Scotland that won the MA Group Special Project Award 2021. A Category B listed property in Leith was flooded twice – the second flood taking place while BRS were on site reinstating the property following the first flood.

BRS had to deal with a lot of complications on this job including:

To read the full case sudy please CLICK HERE.

Caring for the elderly

Revival Thames Valley carried out a complex drying project in a flooded home for the elderly that involved a 300 year old building and 26 damaged apartments and cottages. Revival went the extra mile when it came to saving the residents’ personal possessions and a lot of expensive commercial equipment including high value commercial kitchen items, a specialist hydraulic bath and the gas-run laundry room.

They sensitively dried the 300 year old tithe barn and re-dried a couple of cottages that hadn’t been dried correctly by another restoration company.

The Revival team were on site for three months, working weekends and bank holidays to ensure that this complex restoration project was completed satisfactorily and on time. Their proactive project management also saved the insurer at least £150,000.To read the full case sudy please CLICK HERE.

New client onboarding excellence

MA Group have demonstrated onboarding excellence and amazing customer service for a new client acquired via Virtus Validations. MA Group demonstrated fantastic account management skills and onboarding expertise, but all of the parties involved (insurer, underwriter, TPA) have collborated to deliver a smooth transition and great customer service.

Our new client had this to say:

“Having on-boarded one or two suppliers this year I can say that the process with yourselves has been an easy one, with you pre-empting most of the information we would need and answering any questions we have had, making this a very smooth transition.”

To read more about how we have excelled for this client, its TPA and its customers pelase CLICK HERE.

Construction challenges remain

The construction industry continues to face challanges as a result of labour and material shortages and inflation. According to the Office for National Statistics quarterly construction output fell by 1.5% in the quarter July to September 2021, compared with quarter 2 2021. Price rises are still being felt throughout the sector, with the annual rate of construction output price growth registering at 5.1% in September 2021; this was the strongest annual rate of construction output price growth since records began in 2014.Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the Federation of Master Builders said:

“The 1.5% drop in overall output for Q3 2021, from Q2, signals the continued need for action to be taken to resolve building material and skills shortages. Through the FMB’s State of Trade Survey for Q3, we know that 89% of small, local builders have been forced to press pause on jobs as a result of material and labour shortages, with 97% having experienced increased material costs. The fact that we are now experiencing the strongest annual rate of construction output price growth since records began indicates the unhealthy effects of these two issues on the sector.”

Almost all of our building contractors are SME businesses and we are experiencing slightly longer claim durations as a result of these industry-wide challenges. We are managing customer expectations when it comes to scheduling in works and are asking clients to do so as well. It is incredibly pleasing to see that customer satisfaction scores remain high, so well done to all of our staff and suppliers for managing the situation so well.

MA Group MAD Awards

Our MADdest employee in October was Chris Whiting in NHCC:

Our NHCC Account Manager had a meeting with the customer service manager of a new NHCC client who had recently received feedback from one of her “more difficult” homeowners. The homeowner had been very impressed with Chris, saying how knowledgeable he is.

Chris managed to turn around a dissatisfied customer for our client – which is especially impressive as the customer service manager said she hasn’t known the homeowner ever have a good word to say about anyone or anything.

Well done Chris, you clearly made a very positive impression.