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Technical expertise

We’re lucky enough to employ some of the brightest and best talent in the sector – claims managers, loss adjusters, builders, surveyors, business analysts and technology wizards.

We believe that no other organisation within our sector has such a strong combination of insurance knowledge, building repair expertise and business management skills as well as a detailed understanding of customer service excellence.

Technical, Large and Complex (TLC)

We recognise that more complex claims require additional focus to aid communication with all stakeholders, the co-ordination of multiple supplier partners and oversight by technically expert construction professionals. MA Group‘s integrated solution, using our drying, restoration and claims management capabilities alongside our technical experts, ensures we deliver world class Net Promoter Scores for our clients.

We can effectively manage:

Buildings Expertise

Buildings Expertise

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers

Data and Insights

Data and Insights

Innovation Team

Innovation Team


Buildings Expertise

We understand property and how to project manage property repairs. We have decades of experience in insurance claim reinstatement and restoration, backed up by a national network of suppliers and specialist teams experienced in handling insurance-related remedial works in both domestic and commercial property sectors. From our Chartered Builder CEO through to Chartered Surveyors and BDMA technicians we have property experts throughout the senior management team and supply chains.

We manage programmes of works on properties ranging from single family homes to high rise, multi occupancy residential and commercial premises across the UK, through our Virtus, Revival, MA Assist and NHCC brands.

We also have expertise in schedules of rates and how to use them to get the best out of a supply chain. Our bespoke National Schedule of Rates (NSR) has been designed by independent experts for the work that we do for insurers. NSR is a useable and clearly defined schedule of rates that:

reduces the number of provisional sum items in scopes
is aligned to current practices and rates
ensures consistent scoping and accuracy
ensures that scheduled line items account for 80% of spend
reduces the number of variations
has a comprehensive pre-amble and supporting documentation

The NSR provides clarity to all parties in understanding what is and is not included within the schedule of rates. It also provides best practice on how to scope insurance claims and what information is required to validate an insurance claim. As a result, contractors can quickly and accurately prepare a comprehensive scope of works that covers all of the predictable costs on a claim.

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Supply Chain Management

Supporting and motivating supply chains is key to delivering our great services to clients and their customers.

We reward great performers with more work and better rates, pay invoices weekly and on time and ensure that a steady stream of work is fed to suppliers in line with their capacity and capabilities. Where performance is below expectations, we take action quickly to address the underlying causes and help suppliers find solutions, through a 360 degree continuous improvement programme.

We measure performance across all our supply chains, and constantly provide feedback and analysis to suppliers:


through our Agreement for Services and Supply Chain Manual and monitoring of legal and contractual requirements


by supplier, postcode, client and service

Service Delivery Performance Indicators (SDPIs)

measuring time, cost and quality supported by a 5 star rating system, audits and reviews

Ratings and reviews

complaints, NPS and customer feedback is measured and reported

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Our Suppliers

We have UK-wide networks of building contractors, specialist contractors, surveyors and disaster restoration branches.

We have a strong reputation for providing consistent volumes of work and business and performance feedback and support for all suppliers.

We use our Know Your Skills | Grow Your Skills “KYS|GYS” on-boarding and training programme, as well as ongoing mentoring and support, to ensure that suppliers get off to the best possible start so they can grow their businesses in a profitable and controlled way. The programme is designed to enhance the career/partnership that suppliers have with MA Group by positively supporting the development of skills, knowledge, experience and attainment of qualifications specific to every role. Consisting of over 150 skills-based modules that include face to face training, online training and tutor led courses, we believe our KYS|GYS programme is the most comprehensive approach to CPD for staff and supply chains in the UK property claims management industry.

Our data driven approach means that our suppliers are continuously updated with facts about their performance, workloads and capacity.

We provide world-class technology to facilitate a smooth workflow onsite, automating laborious tasks and administration to maximise suppliers’ earnings potential.

Unlike other networks we pay all supplier invoices on time (regardless of whether we have been paid), provide payment dates weeks in advance and we don’t charge for using our systems and software.

We hold social and networking events for suppliers, and reward our best performing suppliers with quarterly and annual awards and with better rates.

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Supplier Awards

We reward the best performers through our Quarterly and Annual Supplier Awards.

Every quarter MA Group rewards and recognises the best of its suppliers from its nationwide networks, presenting a certificate and bottle of champagne to the best performers.

Each year MA Group has an annual award for the best suppliers of the year across all of its networks. They are presented with their awards at an annual Suppliers Awards Lunch. We also host an annual charity golf day and dinner to which all suppliers are invited.

MA Assist Supplier of Quarter March 2024 - Property Services SDS
Virtus Surveyor of the Quarter March 2024 - Ian Lancaster
Revival Licensee of the Quarter March 2024 - Revival Strathclyde
MA Assist Supplier of the Year 2023 - Home Safe Property Services
Virtus Surveyor of the Year 2023 - Ian Lancaster
Revival Licensee of the Year 2023 - Revival Cumbria & North East
The TREVOR Award 2023 - Revival Wrexham
MA Assist Supplier of Quarter September 2023 - Redbrick Property Solutions
Virtus Surveyor of Quarter September 2023 - Mike Davies
Revival Licensee of Quarter September 2023 - Revival Cumbria & North East
MA Assist Supplier of Quarter June 2023 - Redbrick Property Solutions
Virtus Surveyor of Quarter September 2023 - Mike Davies
Revival UK Branch of Quarter June 2023 - Revival Halifax
Revival Blue Licensee of Quarter June 2023 - Revival Sunderland
MA Assist Suppliers of Quarter March 2023 - Eden Surveying Services and Home Safe Property Services
Virtus Surveyors of Quarter March 2023 - Martin McKee and Shaun Millen
Revival UK Branch of Quarter March 2023 - Revival South West London
Revival Blue Licensee of Quarter March 2023 - Revival Blue Strathclyde
MA Assist Supplier of Quarter Dec 2022 - Home Safe Property Services
Virtus Surveyor of Quarter Dec 2022 - Andy Lake
Revival Branch of Quarter Dec 2022 - Revival Cumbria & North East
MA Assist Supplier of 2021/22 - TruBuild Group
Virtus Surveyor of 2021/22 - Dan Stanton
Revival Branch of 2021/22 - Revival Halifax

Data and Insights

MA Group holds a wealth of property claims data going back many years. With our integrated systems we can constantly analyse the data to look for ways to improve performance and to provide valuable insights for our clients.

Examples of the insights we have published can be found in our selection of case studies and opinion pieces.

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We can benchmark our data against any insurer’s data to demonstrate the savings and improvements we can make. For more details please get in touch.

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Our detailed understanding of our claims data helped us develop our MINERVA risk and reward pricing model. MINERVA reduces indemnity spend without any deterioration in performance and it has a number of elements:


Motivation for all parties – the suppliers through volume of work and weekly, timely payments, as well as risk and reward shared between the client and MA Group.


Incentivising suppliers to do it right first time – a fair schedule of rates with better margins for high performers.


National Schedule of Rates – fair and independent rates that are based on industry standards designed for the work we do.


Evidence based systems and control – ensuring costs are evidence based and reflective of the works required.


Right primary contractor model – giving MA Group the ability to manage all parties effectively.


Validate throughout – to ensure clients pay the right price for the right works and materials.


Analysis and feedback – analysis to understand behaviours and trends which is fed back into our systems, processes and algorithms to help us achieve the desired outcome.

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Innovation Team

Our Innovation team is responsible for IT project management and systems development as well as producing data and insights.

Our experienced business analysts have the capacity, competencies and desire to develop the MA Group proposition through continuous improvement, insights and adoption of new technologies.

Good project management requires sound organisational skills and great communication, supported by logical analysis and empathy. Our business analysts and implementation managers have all of these attributes and a deep understanding of our business and the industry in which we operate.

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