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Buildings Expertise

We understand property and how to project manage property repairs. We have decades of experience in insurance claim reinstatement and restoration, backed up by a national network of suppliers and specialist teams experienced in handling insurance-related remedial works in both domestic and commercial property sectors. From our Chartered Builder CEO through to Chartered Surveyors and BDMA technicians we have property experts throughout the senior management team and supply chains.

We manage programmes of works on properties ranging from single family homes to high rise, multi occupancy residential and commercial premises across the UK, through our Virtus, Revival, MA Assist and NHCC brands.

We also have expertise in schedules of rates and how to use them to get the best out of a supply chain. Our bespoke National Schedule of Rates (NSR) has been designed by independent experts for the work that we do for insurers. NSR is a useable and clearly defined schedule of rates that:

reduces the number of provisional sum items in scopes
is aligned to current practices and rates
ensures consistent scoping and accuracy
ensures that scheduled line items account for 80% of spend
reduces the number of variations
has a comprehensive pre-amble and supporting documentation

The NSR provides clarity to all parties in understanding what is and is not included within the schedule of rates. It also provides best practice on how to scope insurance claims and what information is required to validate an insurance claim. As a result, contractors can quickly and accurately prepare a comprehensive scope of works that covers all of the predictable costs on a claim.

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