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Know Your Skills

Training and development programmes provide many benefits. They enhance team performance, boost productivity, reduce employee turnover and improve company culture. They also help to ensure consistency of approach and service. Any business that doesn’t invest in staff learning and development may save money in the short-term, but the long-term impact can be costly in terms of recruitment costs, failure demand and customer complaints due to poor performance. A good learning and development infrastructure should create a positive culture within the business and a virtuous cycle of good performance, motivated employees and satisfied customers.

Revival has branches all over Great Britain and we strive to maintain a consistent, high-quality service across all our branches. We are exceptionally proud that throughout 2021 Revival has consistently delivered world class customer NPS of 80+. To help achieve these high levels of customer satisfaction we ensure that all Revival staff are trained and well-managed by carrying out regular skills assessments, knowledge gap analysis and appropriate training for all staff tailored to their roles within the organisation.

Since MA Group acquired Revival in 2019 it has invested heavily in a learning and development infrastructure called “Know Your Skills”. This infrastructure has been designed to provide all Revival branches with a consistent method of assessing and recording individual skills and competences against a desired profile and then providing them with the tools and support to ensure any training and knowledge gaps are filled. The system is based on a competency management model for all Revival branch employees.

The system includes:

The system allows for individual assessments to be recorded in a live format so we can easily collate and analyse skills and competences by employee, by branch and at a national level. This allows us to understand the skills and capacity available across the network and the training and development needs.

Each branch assesses every Revival employee against the desired competencies and skills set out in the Competency Catalogue on a bi-annual basis. This allows the branches and their employees to know the difference between their current competency levels, where they need to develop these competencies and focuses training and development where it is needed.

Every six months we carry out performance audits of Revival branches to check on quality and performance including SLA performance, process adherence and compliance. We also check that the Know Your Skills infrastructure is being used correctly and that training is being identified and delivered where needed.

Our Know Your Skills framework is used throughout MA Group, not just on Revival branches.