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Using technology in restoration

Well-designed technology can bring huge benefits to any business. In drying restoration we have seen significant improvements in drying equipment where manufacturers have invested heavily in technology for dehumidifiers and other equipment, but there has been less focus on technology when it comes to the process and science of drying. So MA Group is using technology in restoration to simplify and modernise Revival.

When MA Group acquired Revival in February 2019 it made a commitment to invest hundreds of thousands of pounds into Revival to simplify and modernise the business. MA Group set out a roadmap that covered training, systems and processes, infrastructure and technology and hired the right people to help implement the programme.

Two years later, Revival is fully integrated into MA Group and has made significant progress along its technological roadmap. Revival now uses MA Group’s core claims management platform, Pulse, which is used by all of the business units in the group. This underpins a key part of MA Group’s strategy – to provide an integrated, seamless service that enhances the customer journey and delivers value for money to insurers.

Scoper has been an important part of the technological changes within Revival. This award-winning, bespoke, mobile scoping and validation app was developed by MA Group’s in-house experts a few years ago for surveyors working on property claims validation and scoping. It was developed with a clear understanding of customers and insurance clients’ needs, as well as the requirements of field-based suppliers. It is fully integrated into Pulse, creating significant efficiencies for staff, technicians and suppliers and is helping to minimise claim life cycles and improve the customer experience.

Now Scoper is used in the field by Revival technicians to create initial reports and estimates, risk assessments and customer satisfaction questionnaires – all of which are transmitted back to Pulse from site and automatically loaded onto the relevant claim file. Within minutes photographs, video, voice recordings and documents can be viewed on the claim file, and accurate priced scopes of works are populated within Pulse, ready for validation and approval. Being able to create estimates and reports on site that are securely transmitted back to the office creates real efficiencies for Revival.

The Scoper app is also used to collect moisture readings from site, which are again automatically transmitted to Pulse where they can be viewed and checked. This allows office staff to quickly validate whether the appropriate measurements are being taken and whether a drying regime is even needed.

This technology has brought significant benefits to Revival and its branches:

The next part of the technological roadmap for Revival will involve monitoring drying regimes using data and algorithms to ensure the most efficient and effective drying processes are used, alerting office staff and technicians when a regime is not performing as predicted. We expect this to create significant indemnity savings for clients.

MA Group is also developing Scoper to log equipment usage so that the branches know exactly where each piece of equipment is and can clearly demonstrate how long is has been on site. This will help increase capacity and, when combined with the predictive drying technology that we are developing, will create a world class drying service that makes the most of technology for all elements of the process.